We help startups to
spread their wings

A successful Startup needs a great idea, a strong team and some smart money.
Invento Investments provides capital and know-how to early-stage companies.

Innovation drives progress

We look for innovative, disruptive, scalable projects. We want you to go global!
We do not focus on a particular technology or market but rather look for core project value and a strong Founding team.
It is important to us that projects are ethical, have impact and can positively change the world.

The Founders we invest in became our Partners. We want us to succeed together!







Get support at each stage
of the project

When you are thinking about a project

Are you working on an innovative R&D project?
Do you have a disruptive idea that you want to develop?

Then apply for the Invento Accelerator!
Held 2-3 times a year, it provides initial funds as well as mentoring to develop the business case:
product, market, team, risks, strategy, structure and finances needed to grow the business.
your project - your project -
your project - your project -

When you have a business plan

We look for thoughtful business plans that have a core team behind them.

We may provide Proof-of-Principle (PoP) funds to prototype the product: It can validate the idea.

Those that have PoP already are considered for Invento Capital BridgeAlfa investment. Focused on research and development (R&D), it offers funding for the initial product, team, structure and production development to the stage that that the product or service is ready for commercialisation.

Successful BridgeAlfa projects are supported by Invento VC in seeking Round-A funding. This is typically used for product/service rollout, marketing, rapid growth and globalisation of the company.

After few years of growth the company┬áis no longer a startup. As the company spreads its wings, Invento exits…

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