Our latest project “Panamint” is a project in the field of printed electronics. There are no massively available, cheap, flexible, energy-saving, and at the same time environmentally friendly components and electronic products on the market. Custom-made sensors and electronic components are expensive and the manufacturing process is complex. Panamint sp.z o.o. as a technology company, it intends to introduce to the market electronic products manufactured using printed electronics techniques, including printed sensors, printed, non-emission, segmented displays and hybrid electronics. By using the above-mentioned production processes, the company is able to drastically reduce costs and locate production that does not require investment outlays of millions.

The aim of the project is to develop and introduce to the market printed, electronic labels measuring the physical and chemical parameters of the product, allowing for easy and intuitive indication of the condition of the product to which they will be used. Such labels will help to generate savings in the logistics sectors when transporting food, cosmetics and drugs, ensure consumer protection and prevent food and drug waste.