Omniscopy is a new Invento investment. The originators of the Omniscopy project are developing a unique analytical tool that enables the analysis of customer behavior on websites and in mobile applications. This tool records user sessions in HD quality, records all their movements and tags them appropriately, which allows you to create segments of specific events and see only those sessions that are interesting for the client.

The result of their work is to provide a system that will automatically indicate anomalies in the paths of users. The detected changes in the behavior patterns will allow you to automatically move to the data segment to which specific session recordings are associated. In this way, product analysts will be able to control the effects of changes in applications on an ongoing basis and assess whether the changes cause the desired business effect.

The subject of the R&D Omniscopy project is to create an intelligent solution for effective and ergonomic analysis of user behavior in real time in online channels using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The purpose of such analysis is to optimize the user experience (UX) during online transactions (e-commerce), and as a result, bring shop and website designers to implement the “zero click” concept.