Self-charging battery

Invento Capital has invested in Waven Sp. z o.o.Waven is a technology startup. The company was founded on the pillars of R&D activity. The business model, team and strategy are built around a completely new market product and a new technology for producing energy from renewable sources. Waven is an entity dedicated to the implementation of harvesters and energy harvester systems along with its storage. Harvesting technology is currently considered to be one of the most prospective sources of renewable energy (or recycled energy, energy from recovery) on a micro scale, without the participation of professional energy infrastructure.The project “Development of a self-charging battery” will consist in improving the RF harvesting technology and bringing it to a state where it will be possible to produce a self-charging battery using the technology of processing and storing energy derived from the radiation of electromagnetic fields (including radio waves). The final result of the research and development works will be a pre-production prototype of AA or AAA batteries (popular “sticks”) with a specific efficiency of the self-charging process. Consumer areas of energy harvesting applications are, first of all, self-recharging batteries for devices that require mobile power and are used periodically (e.g. toys), elements of RTV equipment (e.g. remote controls), smartphones, wearables (i.e. wearables: such as fitness bands, smart watches, etc.).